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Reliability of work process for cutting operations


Centres with driving coating made of carbide, diamond, CBN or CARBIDOR®

The principle of a driving coating is to enhance the static friction between centre and workpiece. If the drive force at the workpiece exceeds the maximum static friction force of the coating the workpiece slips on the centre. Further a lubricating film between coating and workpiece can considerably reduce the static friction. Therefore a driving coating is not reliable.

The coatings driving properties are much reduced by the following:

The coating comes or is peeled off
The pores get dirty
The surmounted granules are pressed down
The coating is worn

Should these cases occur, the centres have to be put out of service immediately.

Clean CARBIDOR® coatings thoroughly with a degreasing solvent, if necessary.

The centres with driving coating must not be used in other machines than those encapsuled with a safety glass. We recommend installing an overspeed trip for the workpiece. The customer is obliged to instruct the machinist/s and to warn of the risks.

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