Bruckner High performance tools
The Past
Brochure 1940
Rotating high performance centre for heavy-duty machining,with 2 roller bearings (1936)

Lathe with rotating high performance centre from BRUCKNER

The founder,
Karl Bruckner
Karl-Georg Bruckner
Company premises in Stuttgart 1920

New building 1963 in Weinstadt-Grossheppach
In 1918 Karl Bruckner founded his engineering workshop in Stuttgart and laid the cornerstone for a success story which continues today – more than 90 years on. Initially the business focused on the repair and overhaul of machines but his ability to find innovative solutions to technical problems led him to rapidly obtain orders for his own designs of pedestal grinders and small lathes. He commenced manufacture of lathe centres and in 1920 as a pioneer in this field he developed and produced his first rotating tailstock centre. On the early death of Karl Bruckner in 1931 his son Karl Georg Bruckner took over management of the company. By the end of 1944 bombs had destroyed the factory, which he rebuilt under the very difficult conditions of 1945. In the following years Karl Georg focused on manufacturing and developing both live and dead centres. Diligently and ambitiously he expanded the company and its distribution network. The company’s relocation to its present premises in Weinstadt-Grossheppach about 25 kilometers away was an important step for the company’s future growth. In 1979 Karl Georg handed over management of the company to his daughter Hilde and his son Karl-Friedrich. In 1984 the youngest son Manfred joined the company and its management.
The Present

Measuring room

Administration building

Production halls

Concentricity testing
Todays product range well illustrates the unending Bruckner quest for perfection and precision. A highly qualified and motivated staff is committed to fulfilling customer demands. The application of high precision machine tools and the highest inhouse standards of measurement have decisive influences on manufacturing.

So Bruckner products by their accuracy and durability directly contribute to the raising of productivity and achievement of international recognition.
Entrepreneurial activity, responsibility to employees and business partners, with commitment to innovation and uncompromising quality have been the decisive policy for the mission of this medium sized family owned company, these values being continuously passed to the fourth generation.